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  • Product info

Aspire light wind is not only simple, stylish, but also very simple to use. You don't need to press the start button to smoke directly through the cigarette holder. Quickly press the start button 5 times to lock the light wind body machine

The mouthpiece cover provided in this kit can effectively ensure the clean and hygienic mouthpiece.

The light breeze adopts the convenient top oil filling technology. When the cigarette holder is used to directly rotate the whole atomizing rod, the smoke oil can be injected. Please pay attention not to exceed the red marking line when filling the oil.

  • Include

1 * Light wind body machine

2 *0.6 ohm atomizing core

1 *USB charging cable

6 * seal ring

1 * Certificate

1 * Warranty card

1 *Instruction manual

  • Features

Dimensions: 93mm* 33mm* 18mm 

Weight: 73

Material: all aluminum

Resistance: 1.6Ω

Power: 7W

Battery capacity: 650mAh

Visible transparent oil storage bin, more convenient to use, compact and slim shape design, more visually pleasing

Original equipment kit contains two 0.6 ohm resistance atomization cores

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