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The smoke effect is so good! Big capacity, good taste! recommended 2.5 ring diameter, rich in taste. The COOLcapor team designed and developed the lava finished atomizer, which has both taste and smoke.

Leaders are prominent in the mouth-feeling type of smoke-type products, So that users who love big smoke without losing their taste have a new choice. POM material insulated cigarette holder, using POM material, can effectively insulate. Set the short suction air passage to a funnel shape to allow the smoke to spread better to the taste buds. The top double-hole oil injection design, double-hole oil injection, can adapt to various different oil filling methods in the market.

  • Include

1 * lava atomizer

1* spare glass bin

5* spare atomizing core

1* apron group

1* instruction manual

  • Features

Dimensions: 24mm * 42mm

Type: RTA

Capacity: 4.6ML

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