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  • Feature

Brand :LH

(mg/ml) : 0mg/6mg

Volume(ml) : 60ml

Flavour Profile : cantaloupe/Mango/Grape apple/Lychee guava/McGonagall

Country/Region of Manufacture : Malaysia

  • Taste Description


Cold and sweet honey-flavored taste, bringing you into the authentic Malaysian blue bubble


Pure Southeast Asian hot fruit, rich mango fragrant with cool ice, double 88 experience

Grape apple

The purest grape juice, combined with the refreshing taste of apples, gives you a familiar taste.

Lychee guava

Lychee and red heart guava are the mainstay, plus a combination of 7 kinds of fruits, I will definitely forget it.


Cool and refreshing drink, the most rude taste of all SARS

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