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  • Feature

Brand :PAT

Nicotine concentration (mg/ml):35mg

Capacity (ml) : 30ml

Flavor:Honeydew milk/Apple tea/Happy oranges/Mung bean smoothie/Tieguanyin/Peach Oolong


  • Taste Description

Honeydew milk

The sweet and refreshing taste of honeydew melon, accompanied by the fragrant milky taste, the scent of the mouth, let the whole person bathe in the fragrant smoke, this time you will smoke the very mellow fruit milk salt oil.

Apple tea

Rich and smooth apple tea, fresh taste, taken out after 24 hours in ice, revealing the sweet ice of apples

Happy oranges

Refreshing fresh orange juice, straight to the taste buds with a moderate sense of throat, the rich taste when exhaled, let you on it in less than a minute!

Mung bean smoothie

The entrance senses the mung bean flavor, the honey enhances the sweetness, the smoothness, and the strong sense of coldness when the call is made. The whole mouth is filled with the rough mung bean flavor, which is the taste of the mung bean popsicle when childhood.


The so-called tea way - tea ceremony, mellow and sweet, the entrance of the rich Tieguanyin tea, with micro-mint, it is worth repeating

Peach Oolong

From the fresh peaches, extract the fruity mixed oolong tea, let you enjoy the sweetness of the juice, fresh and sweet but not greasy

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