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  • Feature

Brand : Granola Bar

Nicotine Strength (mg/ml) : 0mg/3mg/6mg

Volume (ml) :60ml

Flavour Profile : Green apple / Green apple ice / Pineapple / Pineapple ice / Pomegranate / Pomegranate ice / White grape  / Strawberry / Java / Lemon

Country/Region of Manufacture :United States

  • Taste Description

Green apple

Constantly feeling the green apple sweet and sour, fresh and pleasant taste, its refreshing green apple taste, it is very pure and pure

Green apple ice

Inheriting the self-timer green apple flavor, fresh and supple, the fragrance is fascinating, but the current taste is optimized and upgraded, adding a smoothie mix, so that the overall fresh feeling is sublimated several levels. Don't miss the taste of apples, the main ingredients are simple but the taste is not simple


The pineapple that bathes in the tropical sunshine has a flavor. In a different way, you can enjoy it slowly. The sweet and sour taste is the only taste bud. It is fresh and greasy, and wakes up the lazy summer. 

Pineapple ice

Only pineapple is a fruit-flavored smoky oil. The sweet and sour of pineapple can be released without reservation. With moderate cooling, there is no feeling of taste fatigue even at high frequency.


The tip of the tongue feels a touch of sweet and sour, and the throat is smooth and smooth. It is a sweet and sour fruit flavor, a bit pale pomegranate flavor.

Pomegranate ice

Will make your taste buds burst into a guava flavor with mint and thirst

White grape 

Refreshing, sweet white grape fruit fragrance can also give us a long experience when it breaks out in the mouth.


Sweet and tempting fresh strawberries, with aromas of cereal, wonderful taste


A combination of coffee and cereal for a smooth, unforgettable taste


The sweet and sour lemonade itself comes with fresh, and the oatmeal makes this taste softer and richer in layering. It is definitely one of the long-term ration choices.

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