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  • Feature

Brand : SNAP

Nicotine Strength (mg/ml) : 30mg

Volume (ml) :30ml

Flavour Profile : apple/Peach iced tea/raspberry/Crazy mango/Kiwi strawberry

Country/Region of Manufacture :United States

  • Taste Description


It is an energetic apple juice that is crisp, sweet, and refreshing. Every soaking is like taking a cold tea and it will never be satisfied. If you are about juicy apples, this taste will not disappoint you. It tastes like the popular apple juice in glass bottles.

Peach iced tea

It will give you a strong sense of satisfaction, just like anything else. The combination of sweet and juicy peaches and earthy, slightly bitter black tea makes this taste even more exciting.


A delicious combination of fresh raspberries and icy sweet teacups. Our Raspberry Snap is a very good juice when you are looking for a refreshingly sweet fruit flavor.

Crazy mango

An incredibly delicious mango juice that stimulates every taste bud with tropical flavours and dazzling sweetness. Whenever you click on this drink-inspired liquid, the image of the exotic island fills your brain. This juice can quench your thirst when you feel dry during the hot summer months.

Kiwi strawberry

Kiwi Strawberry offers an incredible new juice in your favorite fun fruit flavor. Every time we click on our New Zealand strawberries, we will sneak into the fruit tsunami. When you pick up a bottle of Snap Liquids Kiwi Strawberry, it's different from any other fruit flavor.

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