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Nicotine Strength (mg/ml) : 35mg

Volume (ml) : 30ml

Flavour Profile : Tieguanyin/Passion fruit tea/Lemon citron tea/Peach fruit tea/Oolong tea/Red heart guava/Cool mint/Domineering grape/Mixed fruit

Country/Region of Manufacture : Asia

  • Taste Description


Tieguanyin has a refreshing fragrance and a fragrant type of sweet, refreshing and comfortable.

Lemon citron tea

There is a fragrant smell, the tea is throughout, the fragrance is pleasant, and there is a slight lemon fragrance.

Passion fruit tea

Open it gently, sweet and sour is me, the fine fruit is floating in the fruit, the fruit is as true as the name, the taste is long and true.

Peach fruit tea

One smells the most scent, the fragrance is overflowing, and the sweet taste makes people feel relaxed instantly.

Red heart guava

It smells sweet and strong, but it twists and turns to give birth to a fresh pulse.

Mixed fruit

Fresh and sweet, juicy and delicious, sweet and sour, sweet and delicious, fresh and fragrant.

Oolong tea

Oolong tea has a strong aroma and the main features of the sweetness of the entrance.

Cool mint

Mint, with its elegant but unique aroma, always keeps you awake and optimistic.

Domineering grape

The tempting scent is even more tangy, the mouth is sweet,

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