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Brand : Flavorist Inc

Concentration: 100MG

100MG: 100MG nicotine per ML

Origin : U.S.A

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Better sealing, anti-light,  more convenient to use, anti-theft cover; professional nicotine dilution base, VG/PG base 99.93% purity; nicotine content error +-0.05MG, good solubility, very Smooth.

The bottom liquid of this product is divided into 3 kinds (100% VG, 100PG, 50%+50% VG), and the capacity is 30ml. This product is not recommended for direct use. The base liquid can be added to the oil to increase the concentration.

Want to play professionally? Recommend everyone a DIY smoke oil calculation website, they have a calculator for smoke oil formula, and can also calculate the amount of Tintin used, which is very helpful for novices.

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