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  • Product info

US imports MYLE small smoke genuine electronic smoke water flavor smoking cessation artifact new gloves

Italian design with a light and compact shape, no pressure in the mouth

Outstanding industrial design

The smoker has five flavors to choose from, mango, tobacco, mint, and strawberry.

Choose according to your preferences

No matter how old the age is, you can easily get rid of the addiction. MYLE uses advanced nicotine salt technology.

Avoid the use of free radical nicotine in other products,

The discomfort caused by the strong throat sensation.

The high content of nicotine can also be gently inhaled into the body, and the silk is smooth and quickly absorbed.

Effectively alleviate the desire and dependence of smokers on traditional cigarette products, avoiding withdrawal response,

Make smoking cessation easy and more confident.

LED lights up

There are 4 LED lights, 3 green lights show the power, and the bottom blue light is displayed when smoking.

Remind the electricity reserve

  • Include

1 * MYLE host tobacco rod

1 * Cotton bomb

1 * USB plug charging cable

1 * Instruction manual

  • Features

Brand: MYLE

Dimensions: 80.2mm* 13.5mm* 31mm

Size: 96* 19*2.7MM

Battery capacity: 240MAH

Shell capacity: 0.9ML

Nicotine content: 5% nicotine salt

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