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Original authentic VGOD STIG disposable vape portable cigarette quit smoking


It is like a cold ice into the throat, thick and not irritating that the backlog in the throat is finally released. Cool and cool


In the hot summer days, the texture of the watermelon at the refreshing entrance disappears instantly and is simple but not simple.


Just picked the Miao Man Qing Mang, the entrance is mellow and smooth, like a big fresh fruit.


Tennessee Sunshine Light Tobacco, mixed with nuts for a subtle taste with just the right amount of nicotine salt

Although the sparrow is small, it doesn't matter if I have a small body. My battery life is not worse than charging.

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Size: length 200* width 10* height 75mm

3 STIG/box

Endurance; about 300 or so

Capacity; 1.5ml/piece

Concentration: 6% (60mg)

300 long lasting battery life

Packing: 3 / box

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