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Brand : VLE

Purity: 99.93%

Capacity: 150ml

Origin :  United States

  • Description

It can be used to burn glycerin for tobacco oil. It is different from the general glycerin on the market. It is not easy to dry and accumulate after burning. It has a small sweet taste and can be used with flavors to make the flavor of the essence.

E-cigarette special vegetable glycerin VG, pure food grade imported glycerin. Made from palm trees, pure natural glycerin.VG can easily increase the amount of electronic cigarette smoke, and increase the fun of electronic cigarettes. At the same time, it is also an essential raw material for configuring electronic cigarette oil.

Many e-cigarette users think VG is healthier. The VG trait is viscous and the ratio is large, so the smoke generated is large. People who like VG feel that VG is comfortable and some people don't feel it. VG has less irritation and allergies than PG, but some users say it will produce sputum in the scorpion.

VG is naturally sweet, and some users think it's so good, no need to add sweeteners to sweet flavors. The sweetness of VG is not from the sweetener or sugar in the essence, but the taste of VG itself. This is better. However, some users feel that the sweetness of VG is too great, overshadowing the taste of the smoke itself. Vegetable glycerin is an essential part of e-cigarette oil base liquid. After purchase, it can be self-made electronic cigarette oil. It is best stored in the refrigerator compartment of the refrigerator.

VG advantages

1, large smoke

2, health, less allergic reactions

3, natural sweetness

4, comfortable throatoke

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