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  • Feature

Brand : ruthless

Nicotine Strength (mg/ml) :50mg

Volume (ml) : 30ml

Flavour Profile : Nut Tobacco Blueberry Popcorn Puff Tobacco Small Fresh Red Ice Grapefruit

Country/Region of Manufacture : Asia

  • Taste Description

Puff Tobacco:

Crispy crispy chocolate with ice cream-like delicate Caesar sauce, wrapped in fragrant British flue-cured tobacco and with Nico salt, brings unsatisfactory tobacco.

Blueberry Blast:

Natural Spartan Blueberry Extract: The berry is sweet and sour, with a fresh taste and European mint, a new nicotine salt. The taste is natural and comfortable.

Nut Tobacco:

A selection of Australian tree nut fruit hazelnuts, baked almonds, fine egg milk, just the right combination of complex nicotine salt and mature oriental tobacco, a cool throat.

Red Ice Grapefruit:

The finest grapefruit, the sweetness mixed with blood orange, collides with the unique taste of grapefruit meat, adds the fresh aroma of Antarctic red ice, adds a new process to compound the ancient salt, and the organic acid makes the cockroach more enjoyable.

Small fresh:

Hawaii's deep surface natural ice spring water, blending natural extracts with delicate and elegant Hawaiian fruit, fresh and natural lover's heart, and the addition of nicotine salt makes it cool and cool.

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