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ZEAL, has redefined alternative smoking devices.

The pod system features an innovative design addressing the #1 drawback of other pod devices, BATTERY LIFE! Our replaceable battery allows the freedom from searching for USB ports to revive a lagging pod device. With the ZEAL, simply pop-in a fresh battery for instant POWER. The ZEAL Starter Kit, comes with a case that can be used to wirelessly charge your extra battery.

Zeal by VO Tech is an elegant, minimalist pod mod with a plethora of innovative features. Zeal takes pre-filled pods with a 24mg (2.4%) 48mg (4.8%) nicotine strength, and whose nicotine is extracted from 100% domestically grown tobacco.

Zeal is super easy to use: there’s no need to press any buttons to activate the device - just pop in a pod and inhale from the mouthpiece! Despite this simple design, the VO Zeal manages to pack in a range of innovative features. The Zeal is a temperature control device, has a removable battery and comes with two power modes: normal mode or Flavor Boost mode, which ramps up your flavor and vapor production for a truly impressive vape. Zeal has a 250mAh battery that takes just 40 minutes to charge, meaning you won’t be without your kit for long! Zeal battery has a range of integrated safety features including a cut-off timer, overheating protection, reverse polarity protection and anti-dry-hit protection.

The pre-filled cartridges have a nicotine strength of 24 mg (2.4%) and 48 mg (4.8%), respectively. The nicotine content is 100% imported fumes, and each inhalation brings a perfect cigarette style. This set is perfect for smokers who want to try vaping.

Zeal is a sleek pod mod that’s perfect for newcomers to vaping. Easy to use, quick to charge and packed with tech-forward features. Zeal is a fantastic option for anyone looking for portability and performance in the same device!

  • Include

1 * Zeal Device

1 * Charging Case

2 * WordStrable Battery

1 * Charging Cable

1 * Instruction Manual

  • Features

Size: 10*1.9*0.72cm

Battery capacity: 250mAh (supported by VO Micro chipset)

Product weight:20G

Power mode: dual power supply (4W or 8W)

Battery properties: replaceable battery

Material: aluminum alloy

Color: black, red, silver, blue

Brand origin: United States

Certificate: FDA

Resistance: 1.6-2.5Ω

Shell capacity: 0.6ml

Takes 24mg (2.4%) & 48mg (4.8%) nicotine VO pods

There are 4 flavors to choose from: Morning Capp, Massive Mint, Alt Tobacco, Fruit-ion  (sold separately / one box of four)

Taste description

Morning Capp– A decadent blend of rich, creamy cappuccino paired with a sweet almond treat.

Massive Mint– A mix of mint varieties, including refreshing spearmint and an icy menthol kick.

Alt Tobacco– A rich, bold and true tobacco flavor.

Ice Grapes - Rich, vibrant grapes with a cool taste.

Safety features include: reverse polarity protection, anti-dry wick protection, smart battery indicator, cut-off timer and over temperature protection


Temperature control

Two power modes

Takes 40 minutes to charge

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