Please read this article carefully before registering users of the VapourLine Shop online store


Step 1
The information materials you need to prepare include:

your store domain name certificate picture (1)
Please pay attention:
If you are selling on a website such as facebook/shrimp, you will need a screenshot of the background operation interface, as long as you can prove the image of the sales website.


Step 2

Click to open the image upload site home pagelink:       You can also use resource links from other websites.

1. Register the button in the upper right corner of the homepage of the website for simple user registration, as indicated by the arrow

2, You can enter information registration according to the actual situation, or use a third-party platform (including Facebook / Twitter / Google / Yahoo) to log in.

3、If you register successfully, you can select image upload. There are two ways to upload images here. One is to click the “Add Images” icon (A ), and the other can directly drag and drop the selected images to the page upload ( B ). Note: Multiple pictures can be selected or dragged and uploaded at the same time. For details, please refer to the following pictures.

A : Drag and drop the selected picture directly to the page, the default upload


B : Click the Browse button to select image upload

Hold down the "Ctrl" on the keyboard and click on multiple images to achieve multiple selections.


Waiting for upload, the page will have a progress bar and text prompts

After the green progress bar and text prompt disappear, the image is uploaded successfully.


Step 3
Click on one image to pop up the preview edit page, copy the corresponding image link, and use the second link by default.


Step 4
Paste the copied image link and the link of your online store into the corresponding text box of the VapourLine shop registration interface. 

Step 5
After completing the registration page information in turn, remember to check the last "Agree to the Privacy Policy Terms" to complete the registration. 



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