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Brand : LEME
Nicotine Strength  : 1.5%

Flavour Profile : Fresh mint / Original / lemon  ice /Longque/Fenghuang
This price is the price of a pack of 10 boxes of 200pcs
Taste Description:
Fresh mint:
Moderate mint coolness, gently spreads in the mouth with the smoke, stretches the mellow and moderate mint fragrance, a collection not to be missed.
Original: The right scent of grass will bring you the original inhalation experience.
lemon  ice Lemon has a strong flavor and a bitter fragrance. The strong lemon-fruity aroma is blended with cool ice flakes. It is the best choice for those who prefer fruity aroma.

Longque: The refreshing collision of lime and mint, a strong and soft taste, like a cup of green, cool, hoarfrost mojito.

Fenghuang: The strong fragrance of grass, like walking into a Scandinavian forest after rain, with a slightly humid atmosphere.

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