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  • Feature

Brand: Cuper

Nicotine concentration (mg/ml) :35mg

Capacity (ml) : 30ml

Flavor:Apple bubble water/Lemon bubble water/Barley drink


  • Taste Description

Apple bubble water

The freshly squeezed apple juice is mixed with fresh water, and the taste 

is delicate and can feel the fresh bubble. After the pumping, it will

remain in the mouth and the slightly cool and sweet fruit will make people 

want to enjoy it one by one.

Lemon bubble water

The sweet and sour lemonade itself comes fresh, and under the honey and 

bubble water, this taste is softer and richer in layering. It is definitely 

one of the long-term ration choices.

Barley drink

Reducing the taste of the wild cow complex, the fruit is sweet and sour, 

and every time you breathe, it seems to have a cup of iced beef. Every 

mouth can bring the feeling of full energy.

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