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  • Feature

Brand : Flavorist Inc

Nicotine concentration (mg/ml):0mg / 20mg (is 35mg)

Capacity (ml) : 10ml

Flavor:Pineapple / Raspberry / Blackcurrant / Mango / Fresh Peach / Perfume lemon / Royal lychee / Grapefruit / Blueberry / Hami melon


  • Taste Description


Full of warm, cool and slightly sour taste, accompanied by fresh and sweet pineapple smell, it is like a pineapple that melts into your mouth without chewing


Sour and cool raspberry flavor collocation ice mint, high reduction raspberry taste people call refreshing


Fresh and enticing black currant, sweet and sour with mint ice, make you hungry and mouth-watering, full of black currant grape aftertaste in your mouth


Take tropical rainforest fresh mango taste confection. Add slight mint, as if place oneself in cool tropical rain forest, breeze attack, eat a mouthful of fresh mango imperial concubine, full aroma

Fresh Peach

Selection plateau juicy peach, scientific extraction, with cool mint, rich but not greasy. Activate the collision between the tip of the tongue and the taste buds.

Perfume lemon

On the palate, there is a refreshing lemon aroma, followed by a sweet and sour taste that stimulates the palate and leaves it crisp and smooth

Royal lychee

Focusing on the real fresh fruit aroma, together with the cool mint, it perfectly interprets the sweet litchi of the imperial concubine, leaving people with endless aftertaste


The taste of the grapefruit is unique to the taste of the grapefruit meat. The full taste is accompanied by the refreshing taste of mint


Ice mixed with blueberries makes the taste buds pop, plump and juicy, with a deep raspberry aroma, followed by a faint blueberry aroma that fills the throat and mouth

Hami melon

Honeydew melon is cool and sweet, with a full mouth feel, smooth and not greasy, rare and special taste

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