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Mixed taste cartridge A

Mixed smoke bomb contains green alcohol mint nut tobacco butter mango classic tobacco four flavors each

Mixed taste cartridge B

Mixed-flavored smoke bombs include ice-baked flue-cured tobacco litchi ice-sweet strawberry impression afternoon coffee four flavors each

Ice pop tobacco

The mellow tobacco flavor, with the right cooling agent to bring a comfortable taste. Solve the feeling that tobacco taste is offensive and easy to greasy

Lychee Ice

Rich lychee flavor, fresh and natural. The sweetness of the lychee blends with the cool feeling of mint, which is simple and not simple.

Strawberry impression

Rich strawberry aroma, Mix in a little bit of coolness, clear layers, and repeatedly in the countryside

Green alcohol mint

High-quality pepper-like lotus, light coffee tobacco, tastes changeable, two flavors

Butter Mango

Light and elegant mango, supplemented with rich and delicate butter, tastes chic, sweet but not greasy

Afternoon coffee

Sweet and soft with a little coffee, carefully tasted and lightly baked wheat, light cocoa scented with a bit of scent, sketching out the leisure of afternoon tea

Classic Tobacco

From natural tobacco, it is full-bodied, Elegant tobacco compound,The aroma is full and soft, and the taste is fine and comfortable.

Nut tobacco

High-quality nuts, rich tobacco, elegant taste and enjoyment, the style is clear and high, the taste is pure and elegant.

*The cartridge is a one-time cartridge that can be inserted and used without oiling.

  • Include

1 * AKSO Axor Host

1 *Cotton 2

1 *USB data cable

1 * Warranty card

1 *Product manual

  • Features

Product model: AKSO

Smoking number: 300

Shell capacity: 1.5ml

Atomization core resistance: 1.8

Electronic cigarette net weight: 23g

Charging time: 1.5 hours

Battery rod size: 108*20*9.5mm

Battery capacity: 350mAh

Material Technology: Aluminum Alloy

Concentration: 5% nicotine salt

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