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Stormy RDA Wind Forest Volcano Blast Oil Bottom Oil Injection Atomizer Patent Airflow - Tornado-shaped airflow guide design allows the airflow to completely cover every corner of the atomizer cabin, and the juice is full and not lost.

Intake - According to the air flow statistics, the most inhaled volume of adult men is reached.

Juice Recycling - Funnel-shaped base to improve the traditional support of the bottom oil atomizer is easy to leak due to excessive juice. The versatile appearance - wide (810) / narrow mouth (510) freely matched, the overall short proportions are combined on any device. Easy to erect - single-sided double-column design, novice and old birds are good to get started, line foot insertion, trivial, you can have the best fog experience.

  • Include

1 * Blast atomizer

1 *Transparent sports nozzle

1 * black adjustable nozzle

1 * spare kit

  • Features

Dimensions: 22mm*21.2mm

Upper side bilateral independent multi-stage adjustable vent

Support bottom oiling

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