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  • Product info

The Jmark-designed rogue US Department of Defense was designed with security and performance in mind. For safety reasons, the rogue mod is designed to be safely released in battery exhaust events that are unlikely to occur.

Not only is safety a top priority, but the US Department of Defense's rogue also offers the highest performance technology, 100% US purchased materials, and medical grade multi-fiber springs that provide a smooth throw.

Both heat transfer and voltage drop are ignored. If you are looking for a game like a truck, the rogue mod is the answer!

  • Include

1 * Jmark Design Rogue Mod

1 * box

1 * storage bag

  • Features

Dimensions: 24mm 

Switch: spring type switch

Weight: 190g (without battery)

Output type: mechanical rod

Interface type: 510 interface

Battery type: 18650

Powerful spring button, powerful feedback

Lower internal resistance, fine oxidation, better after oxidation

Material: red copper base brass, brass

Sleek body, finely crafted, original

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